What do we do?

Our service is to clean and tidy up spaces that you request.

We only simply care about your home as if it's our house.

Most of our clients are families who care about their house to be smell natural and safe for their children and pets from harsh chemicals.


Cleaning houses, offices,

Cleaning after parties/event, kitchen, oven, bathroom, windows, bedrooms, balconies, patio, dishes, etc.


General care and cleaning such as weeding, pruning, trimming, planting etc.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

8am to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday

8am to 3pm

Public holiday


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ecocleaningbird@gmail.comShenton Park

6008 WA
ABN 46 350 083 176

Police clearance

Public liability insured

House smells better and safer with natural products ❤︎

Sustainable products

coming soon.

Eco and Moco